No metricdata in Kibana

So i am pretty new to this topic.
I set up Metric- & Filebeat, Logstash, Elastic and Kibana (all version 7.2 current)
I pump my Metrics from 2 machines to Logstash
and Filebeat through logstash as well.
When i go to the 'Infrastructure' page in kibana i can see that both servers delivering Data.

Nevertheless when i goto 'View Metrics' i get the typical 'There is no data to display'

I assume i got my indexpatterns correct as there is an overview after all.
My config source looks as following:

My setup is VERY basic (metric- and filebeat just sending to logstash and this to elastic)

to clearify my question:
HOW do i get the metric information?
(as i am new please provide steps on HOW i do stuff when you propose a possible solution)
working on debian with java8 (if needed)

Also Maybe important:
i upgraded the stack from 6.7 to 6.8 to 7.2 following the suggested steps i could find

Hey @m0nk3y, if you adjust your time filter, do you see any metrics?

Also, do you see any errors logged in your browser console?

hey @Brandon_Kobel sadly not.
i was playing around a bit more late night and decided to "hide" the metrics
and build some dashboards. funny that it thing is that that works (at least i can check there)

so the data is there AND is accessable but not in that specific view

@m0nk3y Do both nodes have issues or is it just one of them? The reason I ask is because when you run Metricbeat and Filebeat on the same system, the that Filebeat doesn't match what Metricbeat sends. The result is you end up with 2 nodes for every host; one from Filebeat and one from Metricbeat. The Filebeat node will never have the right metrics but the node from Metricbeat should.

both nodes have the issue. i was thinking it might be a problem with putting the data through logstash and i missconfigured something so i changed the output directly to elasticsearch (but that changed nothing at all)

both nodes have custom names configured in filebeat.yml and metricbeat.yml and i made sure, that its correct AND they start with that configuration

I suspect the index pattern wasn’t created properly, since the data was sent via Logstash. When you switched to directly sending it, did you delete the old indices before hand?