Problem on Infrastructure and Metricbeats


I have problem on the Infrastructure tab on Kibana. I cannot see any data of the metrics of my hosts.
In the past i could see all the metrics for all the hosts there. After upgrading ELK 7.1 to 7.2 and all the metricbeats from 6.X to 7.X i cannot see the data of the metrics on the infrastructure and on the Dashboard on the metrics.

Also if you check the metricbeat indexes on my screenshots you will see that are not with the date.
Do you have any idea?

Best Regards,

Hi @antonopo,

You mention that your metricbeat upgrade was from 6.x to 7.x, which versions were these? If you were running a version of metricbeat older than 6.7, it was necessary to first upgrade to 6.7, and then to 7.0 due to breaking changes.

Here's the documentation for the above.. In particular:

  • We recommend that you fully upgrade Elasticsearch and Kibana to version 7.0 before upgrading Beats. If you’re on Beats 6.0 through 6.6, upgrade the Elastic Stack and Beats to version 6.7 before proceeding with the 7.0 upgrade.

  • Upgrading to 6.7 is required because the Elasticsearch index template was modified to be compatible with Elasticsearch 7.0 (the _type setting changed from doc to _doc ).

This does sound like an index template problem due to, as you point out, the index names not containing the date.

However, if your upgrade process followed the guidelines, it would be helpful to know if your documents contain the correct fields for displaying the Infrastructure UI. The fields in question can be found here.

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