Create a multi metric machine learning job using dev tools


(Angelos) #1


I want to create a multi metric ml job that will be expired in 1d. Can I do it using dev tools?
I have created a forecast job like so and now I want to create a ml job.
My Forecast job:

POST _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/forecast_manually/_forecast
"duration": "56d",
"expires_in": "1d"

Thank you very much in advance!


(rich collier) #2

Hi Angelos,

See the API for creating an anomaly detection job. Jobs don't have an expiration date inherently because in general, one normally runs ML anomaly detection jobs on-going. You would have to manually delete a job if you were done with it.

(Angelos) #3

Thank you very Rich!

(Mark Walkom) #4