Create Alert from index data

i am using ES Cloud 7.15.1
i am getting log data from my website .
now i want to write alert for that data ,
for example if status code =500 and error = xyz , send the email .

i trying using alert from security section but when i creating the rule for my index its not returning any result , its always say 0 hit .
but we have data for that filter in discover section.

any suggestion on this ?


Hi Dilip,

When I try creating a rule in Security I'm getting the same results as you. I expect a hit on my query but get 0 hits.

We might need more info on your exact rule, but I think there are different options for rules under Security than there are under Stack Management > Rules. You might need to use the rules in this section;

Here you can pick Elasticsearch query type;

In this case, I Test query and get my expected 1 document matched.

I'll try to figure out why the same test in the security rules doesn't work, but hopefully this can get you going.

Tip: I did my query in Discover and then used the Inspect menu to look at the request. You really don't need or want the entire request but it's a starting point if you don't know exactly how to write the query.


hi @LeeDr
thanks for your input ,
i able to create rule and connectors , but now problem is my rule only trigger 1 time when i disable and enable the rule , after that its not triggering . please help me on this .
this is my setting -

my connector setting -

Please suggest me what setting is wrong .



It sounds like you're running into the built-in de-duplication of matches that occurs in the Elasticsearch query rule type. Documentation here: Elasticsearch query | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

To avoid this, you should set your window size the same as your "Check every" interval. Currently you are checking every minute for the last 5 days, which means you will run across the same matches in every rule run, but they will be de-duplicated. Can you set your rule to check every minute over the last minute?

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thanks for clarification , its working as expected .

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