Create CSV config , HELP!

Dear everyone,

I am a complete begginer with kibana and I am making some test with machine learning.
Now, I have a csv with the data you can se below and I dont achieve create a config file works....

2017-08-01 12:02:10.000;2017-08-01 14:02:10.000;-0,36;143;0;0,06;0,41
2017-08-01 12:02:00.000;2017-08-01 14:02:00.000;-0,34;142;0;0,06;0,4
2017-08-01 12:01:50.000;2017-08-01 14:01:50.000;-0,33;142;0;0,06;0,39
2017-08-01 12:01:40.000;2017-08-01 14:01:40.000;-0,32;142;0;0,06;0,38
2017-08-01 12:01:30.000;2017-08-01 14:01:30.000;-0,31;142;0;0,06;0,36
2017-08-01 12:01:20.000;2017-08-01 14:01:20.000;-0,3;143;0;0,06;0,35
2017-08-01 12:01:10.000;2017-08-01 14:01:10.000;-0,29;142;0;0,06;0,35
2017-08-01 12:01:00.000;2017-08-01 14:01:00.000;-0,29;143;0;0,06;0,34
2017-08-01 12:00:50.000;2017-08-01 14:00:50.000;-0,3;143;0;0,06;0,35

Could anyone help me please?
thanks a lot!

Kibana cannot do this, have you looked at Logstash?

Hi @warkolm , thanks so much by your answer.
Sorry, I wanted to say logstash,
The thing is, I try to make the config file but never works. I dont have experience with that and all I do is try of modify some examples I see in the forum.
All the data I have is the same that above one, when I have a config file will be easy for me.

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