Create custom column name in data table kibana

My log pattern is as


I want to create a data table like

    Customer no     Provider ID    Operator   Rate   Store 
    1246575858696     10             TEST      30     OTHERS

I have gone for split rows but split rows is adding new count with every
column and I am not able to give custom name to column .

If you want a table of certain fields without any aggregations you can add a saved search to your dashboard. This is done by saving from the discover page, and adding a saved search on the dashboard page. To only show certain columns, you can click the add button on the list of fields on the left hand side of the screen.

If done this way, custom column names aren't yet supported. Issue is tracked here.

If you are not splitting the data up before it hits ES, B cannot magically pull it apart and put it into a table like what you want.

You need to do that before sending to ES. Look at something like Logstash.

yeah I have created the different field of that data :stuck_out_tongue: