Display dynamic data in columns

Hi all,

In my project, the field names are dynamic as new indices keep getting pushed with different columns names.

I cannot select a column name as they are not constant for all indices except time field and name field.

How to dynamically display field names as columns ?

Any way to do this ? I've explored SQL and logstash but not able to figure it out.

Hi, what do you mean by this? Where to display?

I have different indices ( a1, a2, a3, a4...a30) with index pattern as a* .
They have different fields like CREATED, created, Create_date, Create_time
I cant keep seperate column names CREATED, created, Create_date, Create_time as seperate term names(seperate columns) in kibana.

So is there a way so that all field names are displayed dynamically instead of me setting term names in kibana visualization?

Ok, where in kibana visualization? kibana has a lot of visualization. As you said "columns", is it Discover? or Dashboard>Lens>Table, Dashboard>Aggregation based>Data table, or Canvas>Data table?

If you are saying about Discover, what is the setting of " Default columns" in Stack Management>Advanced Settings.

I want to show in Data table.

Every new index will have new field name.

So I don't want to edit visualization every time a new index is pushed.

There should be no way to automatically add fields to Data Table (possibly because how to aggregate the new field is not obvious), but if you inform the detail and purpose of the aggregation for the data table, there might be a workaround in some cases.

@Sandeep_Raju I wonder why the column names keep changing? Maybe this should be fixed at ingest time by adding a standard column with a canonical name based on whatever source data has?

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Let's say i have data coming from 5 different banks each having their own field names...and under them they have many clients having 5 different field names which are new.Like this new field names will be coming.It will be difficult for me to set field names again and again.

So i was looking to display column names dynamically without specifiying them...
SO i was looking in some way we can achieve this by logstash or setting or something...
the closest i got was by using document table in enhanced table plugin using _source as field , but it displays as a dump not as columns.

Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation! How would you determine which fields should be included? Or are you thinking to include all of them?

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I want to display all the field values that are coming.

Why do you want displaying them in one table? The table could be quite sparse.

And have you considered about using saved search in Dashboard?

Requirement is to show a detailed table of all the field data present in a document.

Yes, I was thinking of saved search, but it shows a JSON file format.
I want to display dynamic data with columns without selecting it everytime.
I want to show in table format with columns.

First of all, data tables (both lens or aggregation based) are showing aggregated data.

If you want to show the data of documents, the possible choices are using discover or using saved search in dashboard.

If you are using recent version of kibana, you may try new data table view of Discover which you can turn on via advanced setting of kibana.

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