Create custom plugin to route


I am new to Elasticsearch. I currently need to design a plugin with the task of navigating my use of Elasticsearch. Specifically:

    • I already have semantic search models, which can be used as an API, with output being embedding vectors
    • I want the plugin to receive an input parameter, for example "use_case", and when use_case = 'semantic model', I will use the output of the above API to perform a search in the index. Of course, the index already contains dense vectors
    • If use_case = 'basic' then I will use Elasticsearch search normally

I'm not sure if using a plugin is correct or not, but the desire is to completely separate Elasticsearch and my semantic models. And the end user will only need to manage this plugin

I learned about Elasticsearch but have not found a solution to this problem. I would like to receive everyone's opinions.

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