Create dynamically type

How can i create dynamically type in index ?
Or in _doc, create multiple _type

What's you use case ?
_type is deprecrecated since Elasticsearch 6.x and will be removed completely in 8
_doc is the defaut, but it's more a Rest endpoint
If you could explain more your issue, we may guide you in a different way to achieve it

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Don't use _type, create another, normal field in your doc called type and just use that.

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I’m using streamsets for reading excel file from ftp folder
And i want to store these files content into elasticsearch ( using http client )
The the problem is there are multiple files and create topic for each file will be hard
Now i want to create one index (data_index) and create a type for each file into this index with the filename
I want something like (if possible):




There is a good example of before and after on this page

The tweet and user example.

Most likely you can just follow this pattern.

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Thank you

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