Create Helmcharts for Metricbeats

Hello. I have a bit of a problem. I need to be able to create a set of Helm charts for Metricbeat and Packetbeat. Now, that is easy, I am mainly using Kompose to convert the docker-compose.yml file over. However, in both set ups I have a config file which is necessary as these will be forward deployed on multiple severs and I need it to capture these specific metrics. the set up basically is:

|         |___metricbeat.yml

I then use
// kompose -f docker-compose.yml convert
This only converts the one file. However, if I try to do multible files with
//kompose -f docker-compose.yml convert -f ./config/packetbeat.yml

So does anyone know how to convert the config file to helmchart or at least have another option?
I get the error

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