Create Index / Type /Mapping in ELS for Kibana 4

I would like to create a index/type/mapping manually in Elastic and post the data into it via custom script. I could be able to view the data perfectly in Kibana 3 without any problem.

But when I migrate the kibana 3 to Kibana 4. geoip is not showing mean, not able to view the date on map view. Can someone please share how do i create the pattern in ELS to populate the Data on KIbana 4 ?.

Also please share any link or any example PUT methods.

You need to map the field for KB4, there's a number of other topics on this so I'd encourage you to do a forum search :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I had search forums. But couldn't find an exact method to enable it. If you can, please share the option or link to me. That would be helpful to me

Geoip.location mapped as double for example.

I made it work perfectly in my Environment. Thanks you all who had given me an idea on this. :slight_smile: