Create indices which span multiple spaces in Kibana 6.5.1

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Is it possible to have the indices in Elasticsearch 6.5.1 be available in all spaces in Kibana 6.5.1 by default?

I want a master space where all users except admins can create dashboards with core KPI graphs, but I also want a playground space where most users can create their own dashboards and visualisations and explore the data as much as they wont. These spaces should have access to the same data - same indices.

Indices get generated automatically in a high volume, so manually assigning them to all spaces is not an option.

Thanks for the answer!

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It is not currently possible to have saved objects span multiple spaces. You will have to copy the index-pattern between the various spaces at the moment.

You can create a feature request to track this feature.


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That's too bad, but thank you for the quick answer, looking forward to that feature :grinning:


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