Create Kibana Index Pattern Dynamically

Hi, is there a way of creating Kibana index pattern inside of Logstash ? For instance, you can create an index inside of Logstash while collecting data. After creating index, I also want to create Kibana index pattern automatically - without any manuel process

If it is anything like the rest of the configuration an index pattern will just be a document, or a field on a document, in an index, which I would guess is called .kibana

You can add and modify documents using logstash, so you can reconfigure Kibana using logstash. That said, the structure of the configuration is not documented, so you need to reverse engineer it (which is probably quite easy). However, to say the least, the elastic team are not afraid of breaking changes, so don't be surprised if you have to tweak it when you upgrade.

I do not run Kibana, so I cannot help with the details.

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