Create Live Kibana Dashboard using UiPath logs

Hello everyone,

Need to create Live Dashboard in Kibana using the UiPath generated Logs.
We are sending log fields for the email received statuses and corresponding data and need to create the live dashboard to track the statuses. Can anyone help us with this?

We run the UiPath process and it generates the log fields, if we run and the email is delayed (not received in threshold time) then that email is monitored i the next run.

We need to have line chart that progress as the time advances and then line graph shows the status of the files received (on-time, delayed) and number of files in the time slot.

Anyone with any reference or kind consideration to help on this?

Thanks in advance...

You need to store your relevant data first in Elasticsearch and then you can access the data in Kibana. To create a dashboard just click on Dashboard within Kibana and start with creating your first visualizations. The dashboard always took the latest data from Elasticsearch and is therefore near real time.

Does this answer your question?

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