Create new cluster with current existing nodes

This is a little twist on the "Add new node to existing cluster". Maybe Elastic automatically handles this, but I just want to make sure.

I have two independent nodes, each a cluster of 1 (themselves). Node A has some indices and Node B has a different set of indices.

I want to induct Node B into Node A's cluster. That's nothing more than changing Node B's elasticsearch.yml to be in Node A's cluster, etc...

My question is, what happens to Node B's data? Is Elastic smart enough to copy Node A's indices to Node B and Node B's indices to Node A so that when all is said and done my cluster has Node A and Node B each with a copy of all the indices?

No. You will need to copy the data over from node B to node A and then wipe node B so it joins as a new empty node. If it has been part of a different cluster I do not think it can join another.

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Thanks, Christian. So, when you say "wipe node b", could you be more specific? That's exactly what is happening. Since Node B was one in a cluster of 1 by itself, I am not able to turn it off and have it start up as a Node in Node A's cluster.

Deleting the data directory seemed to be enough.

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