Create Percentage Data

I have couple of questions which I am facing related to percentage representations..

  1. I wanted to use the data table to show percentage of the failure and success counts.. As of now I am getting only the counts. Please let me know if there is any limitation for that.

  2. I have two queries to fetch data giving me lets say returns x results and y results respectively.
    Can I have a line chart visualization created with y axis as the calculated value of count(x results)/count(y results) and x axis as the timeline.
    The above two x and y query have a value activityName which has specific values in logs like "lion" for one query "tiger" for another.

Please let me know if this is acheivable via kibana 4.6

@monishkibana this isn't currently supported, and there's an enhancement request GitHub issue that a few people have commented on, would you mind providing your input on how you'd like to see this work here

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