Create percentage graph from a string


I need to create a graph with porcentage from a search fields; these fields are string.

I mean, I have a "Total Data" field and I make a search from "Total Data" that show me wich of these are "NOK". I need new graph that show me the % between "Total Data" and "NOK" search from "Total Data".
I tried into Scripted Fields in the Index Patterns...but doesn't work. I don't how I can do it.

Thanks for your help.

Hi David,

If I understand correctly, you can do this with a Filters aggregation in a bucket. In the example below, I've created a pie chart with two filters. One for category.keyword : "Men's Clothing" and another for NOT category.keyword : "Men's Clothing".


It's similar, but I need it in timeline with line graph.

Thanks for the quick answer.

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