Creating Charts from Only the latest data for a term

Hello, so I'm looking to create a chart that gives me the percentage of projects matching a filter.

However, my employer only wants the latest entry for a given application to be used in the chart.

Is there an ideal way to take care of this, or is this simply not possible in kibana?

Can you provide a little bit more information?

  • What is the schema/mappings of your data?
  • What would you like the resulting visualization to look like? An example would help

With a bit more info, we can provide more guidance.


So here are really the relevant fields simplified a little bit:

active: true,
applicationName: "Project A"
submissionDate: "2019-07-08"

There's also similar entries for project A, B, C, D ect. These entries documents have an active of true or false, and a submission date from when this information was gathered.

So lets say I wanted to create a pie chart displaying the percentage of my charts that are currently active (the document for project A with the latest submission date where active=true). So I would have a single document per application that shows whether it's currently active or not as my data set. I want to find display the percentage of those projects that are active compared to the entire data set.

So the example would be a pie chart that's showing the percentage of active applications, but it's only using the latest entry for a given application in its data set. Does that make a little more sense now?

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