Kibana pie chart show unique to non-unique

Im doing something wrong, i want a pie chart to show for all the docs in the index the number of unique docs (based on a string) and non-unique(based on the same string)

So if i had

field: test

field: test

field: hello

Pie chart should show Unique 66% and non-unique 33% as a pie chart. I just get 100% when i used unique count on that field?

Can the Advance field be used to achieve th

Hi @sam3546 ,
Can you please share pichart configuration screenshot and discover tab screenshot which shows these values

That's my discover and pie chart, just shows 100% instead of 66% and 33%?

Please filter out data for last 1 year and check cause total count displayed as 2 only

There is no date filter on this index, the docs in the index have no date attached to them so the date filter in the pie chart is off, it showing 2 as 100% is the issue im trying to solve?

You can't use a pie chart to show this. I think your only option is to use Vega.

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