Create Pie Chart

Hi Community!

I want make a pie chart with some data but I don´t know how to do it.

I have a doc that looks like:

 Login: passed,
 Country: Spain,
 Logout: passed

I have diferent docs with diferent countries, like Spain, Brazil, USA, London. And I want to create a pie chart with the percentage of Login passed and failed but with only some countries for example all results of login of the countres of America and other pie chart with the countries of Europe.

How Can I filter or separate this set of countries in the pie chart?

Thanks for you time

I would set up a separate index with the lookup values for your countries and continents. Then you can set up an enrich ingest pipeline that will add the continent name to your ingested documents so you can later create any chart filtering by that field.

Check this tutorial on how to enrich data using an ingest pipeline:

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