Hello I want to create pie chart in kibana 7.6

1.I have data in my CSV file which is in the attached file format

2.when i create the pie chart all the it shows as in the below uploaded picture 2
3. actually i want to have my pie chart as shown in the below uploaded picture 3 3
please let me know how to achieve the pie chart as picture 3 with csv file data

Iam new to ELK .Anyone can help me?

How are you processing the data into Elasticsearch?

File beat ->log stash->elastic search

Dear Sahana, the reason you have 3 cirkels instead of slices is because you have three buckets. If you parse all data into the same bucket, your pie chart should look like the downloaded picture.

hi thanks ,
can you show me how to parse data in same bucket

Kibana can't really make a Pie chart with the data the way it's entered. If if your data has a Date in it, I'm guessing that it changes over time? You could instead use a Line Chart with a Date Histogram like this. In my case I only entered that one row of your csv for that one date so we only see a single dot for those values, but with more data it would show the trend over time.

To get a Pie Chart, you typically have to split the pie by one field which has different terms in it. Here in Discover you see each doc has a status field and a value field.

And then in the pie chart we look at the average value, split by a terms aggregation on the status field.

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Thanks . let me try the above method .

hi LeeDr ,
i tried as you mentioned in the above pie chart i couldn't get the fields in m y dropdown

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