[Easy] Pie chart of 2 different fields

I'm clicking around endlessly without any hope. Googling around without any success.

I have 2 fields in Elasticsearch with a single value, see:

How can I make a pie-chart so that I see like this:

Note that the fields are converted to 'float'.


What do you want to display in that Pie Chart? The ratio of that fields? Data doesn't really work like that in Elasticsearch normally. But with Canvas you can probably display that ratio in a Pie Chart.

Canvas sounds like a workaround. I'd like to create a pie-chart as shown in my first post.
This is a sample how I send data to Elasticsearch:

.csv input:

# epoch, ebsAvgPrice, vioAvgPrice

My Logstash config:

filter  {
  csv {
        separator => ","
        columns => ["timestamp","ebsAvgPrice","vioAvgPrice"]
        convert => { "timestamp" => "integer" }
        convert => { "ebsAvgPrice" => "float" }
        convert => { "vioAvgPrice" => "float" }

I assume this isn't the way how I should process the data.

What is the way to go? @Marius_Dragomir

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