Make a pie chart based on one field where value is x, y, and z?


I have a index pattern called my-index-x with entries and a text field that says Results.

What I want to do is in a pie chart for example, make three or more slices: One slices would represent the number that "Success" is found, another "Failure", another "Unknown", and another that would just count any result that is any of those three.

Ive tried to look in Kibana and the documentation itself but either I cant get it to work or IM doing something wrong because I cannot select a field.

I tried Canvas as well but it reads the data as null.

Any guides to get this to work?


You can aggregate by each status/result.
Counting all statuses in another slice is conceptually wrong and redundant.

I dont want to add per say.

Just split the pie chart into those results and their value.

I dont see the option though.

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