[Pie Chart] Split Slices based on value of respective fields

(Abhishek Kapoor) #1

Hi, I am trying a visualization (Pie Chart) to show Disk Usage of a machine.

The fields that I have are: Total and Available, of the number type.
Eg: Total: 290, Available: 210.

I want to depict this on a pie chart, I found out that Kibana Pie Chart doesn't support aggregations other than Count, Unique Count and Sum. Is there a workaround by which I could show this information on a pie chart? Like does it supports splitting slices based on values of a field?


(Joe Fleming) #2

You could use a scripted field to calculate the difference between the two values and show the remaining space. But I can't think of a way to aggregate and show the two values from the same set of document on a single chart like that.

(system) #3

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