Pie Chart Visualzation

Hi -

Am trying to create a pie chart slicing with 3 different fields, lets say as below:


We have 3 other fields as above, I wanted to create a pie chart slicing with this 3 fields, the pie chart something should look like:


Is there any way I can create the pie charts like this, and in my case, all 3 fields comes in a single document, Please let me know. Thanks !

It doesn't really make sense to have a pie chart like that does it? Total would contain both used and available, so you can't map those like your example.

You could do a pie chart with multiple levels, ie split slices, and have total as the first slice, and then available and used as the second slice.

Hi @warkolm,
Yes, The example I've provided doesn't make sense, I've 3 fields, like


Should show this 3 fields as above pie chart, would that be feasible ? Please let me know !

That seems saner, are they all values of one field?

Hi @warkolm
thanks for your reply.
No, The values are in 3 different fields.


Please let me know if I need to change the mapping inorder to achieve this.

We have builds running continously and also capturing the build number something like this on ELK, image, would like to apply filters for specific build number and show the pass, fail, broken cases report on the piechart . Thanks !

Thanks !

Hi @warkolm -
Could you please let me know if we have any way to achieve the above requirement.


Not on 3 different fields, no.

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