Pie Chart Issue, how to create pie chart on multiple values

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Hello Sir,

I am facing issue to make sub-bucket. suppose we have four field

please have a review i have explain that issue in image

i have four field we need to create four buket but in all bucket have multiple fileld i do not want create seprate filed for indvisaul buket i need count all entry which in mansion in attachment

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I don't really understand your data.

Do you have the success, reqError, resCode and captcha fields in every document?
How are you aggregating it? From the screenshot it looks like that chart is made per document, which is not what Kibana does, or Elasticsearch.

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I have found the solution with the help of a filter


Jagdish Kumawat


Can you share the filter used. I am facing a similar issue.

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Yes, i will help you in filter suppose that exception is field in your logs. then you need to put exception :1 same other field and there is option label you can edit that field name .

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