Pie chart conceptual problem

Dear all,
i have indexed a CSV file. now i want to generate a pie chart of it same as the image attached with this post.

i tries a lot but failed to produce such chart.
can anyone guide me how can i generate such a chart from such data?

there are three columns used in the pie chart. the sum of each column is converted to percentage and then shown in the chart.
i have tried to create one chart as attached with this post, but the result is not what is want.



What does one of the rows look like as a json document.

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"_index": "hctindex",
"_type": "resultanalysisdocument",
"_id": "CoC68GIBrfns_Yxa4IKn",
"_version": 1,
"_score": 1,
"_source": {
"path": "C:/Users/welcome/Dropbox/IT_Department/ElasticSearchProjects/ResultAnalysis/Data/Semester 1_17_18_Sorted Ascending by % Failure.csv",
"CMinus": 23,
"AttendFinalExam": 93,
"CourseCode": "ITBS2203",
"Semester": "Sem 1 (2017-2018)",
"B": 7,
"A": 0,
"CPlus": 6,
"D": 10,
"Fail": 30,
"Level": "Diploma Year Two IT",
"NoOFDFGrades": 30,
"@timestamp": "2018-04-23T04:20:00.472Z",
"BMinus": 9,
"TotalDebarred": 4,
"TotalRegistered": 110,
"BPlus": 7,
"NoOFABGrades": 24,
"C": 10,
"message": "ITBS2203,E COMMERCE FOR IT,110,93,4,63,30,0,1,7,7,9,6,10,23,10,20,24,39,30,Diploma Year Two IT,Sem 1 (2017-2018),IT\r",
"F": 20,
"Pass": 63,
"@version": "1",
"AMinus": 1,
"CourseTitle": "E COMMERCE FOR IT",
"host": "Hadoop",
"Department": "IT",
"NoOFCGrades": 39
"fields": {
"@timestamp": [

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