Create repository ONLY if no other repo exists with the same name

Maybe this could be an enhancement request, or could already be implemented on newest versions of elasticsearch (+7.6.2) idk..
Here is the thing:
When I create a repository everything works fine, BUT elasticsearch allow the creation of another repository with the same name!! It just overrides the old repository. It doesn't complain at all!

I expect elasticsearch to know that another repo with the same name already exist, and prevent the modification of the old repo... like what it does when creating snapshots... if you create an snapshot with the name of another pre-existing snapshot it fails with this error:

"type" : "invalid_snapshot_name_exception",
"reason" : "[test_elk_restore_test_asmt:snapshot-2021.03.15] Invalid snapshot name [snapshot-2021.03.15], snapshot with the same name already exists"

I'm running elk 7.6.2, is this implemented on newest versions?

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