Update Snapshot in the repo with same name?

(Mohit Ruke) #1

Is there any way to update a snapshot in a repo after adding new records to an index?

(David Pilato) #2

Sure. Create a new snapshot and it will "update" the repository.
I think that's what you want.

(Mohit Ruke) #3

suppose I have a snapshot snap1 of index movie-123 having 1 record
No i add few more records to the index and now can i update snap1 with the new records and store it in s3

When I try to create a snapshot with the same name it gives error
"error": "InvalidSnapshotNameException[[repo1:snapshot1] Invalid snapshot name [snapshot1], snapshot with such name already exists]",
"status": 400

So my question was whether an update to the same snapshot is possible or not ?

(David Pilato) #4

Just create a new snapshot and it will do a similar thing that you're expecting.