Create Repository with S3 Protocol on Bucket Cloud on Premise

Hello, atm my company have cloud on premise storage with S3 protocol
I want to create snapshot repository on that storage,
is this possible to do, because my storage is not based on aws, but only use the s3 protocol

Thanks in advance

Technically we only directly support aws's S3. It might work, and you'd need to try it.

thanks for the answer, I will post the update later after I try the thing I asked,

And make sure to use a recent version of Elasticsearch. :slight_smile:

What is the local S3 storage that you are using?

Elasticsearch supports S3-compatible repositories, but they need to be fully compatible with AWS S3.

From the docs you have:

Note that some storage systems claim to be S3-compatible without correctly supporting the full S3 API. The repository-s3 plugin requires full compatibility with S3. In particular it must support the same set of API endpoints, return the same errors in case of failures, and offer a consistency model no weaker than S3’s when accessed concurrently by multiple nodes.

One example of an S3 compatible storage that is supported is MinIO.

thanks for the point, I will keep in mind about that

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