Elasticsearch: On premise restore snapshot from aws s3

This could sound pretty straightforward. However, I've spent days looking in the web for a method where I can migrate snapshot from aws s3 to on premise elasticsearch cluster.

All the docs I've found mentioning how to achieve this for es on cloud, where Kabana console is available. but not the vice versa ...

Can anyone advise me how can I achieve this? noting that:

OS: centos 7

Snapshot taken, and a repo already exist within aws s3 bucket. 7

The Elasticsearch manual describes the low-level API calls you need to run to set up a snapshot repository with your bare hands. You'll also need to install and configure the repository-s3 plugin to access snapshots on S3.

I would recommend installing Kibana to manage your cluster tho, it will make your life a lot easier.

Is there a reference document to achieve this via kabana?

Possibly, but I'm the wrong person to ask about that as I don't use Kibana much myself. Try the Kibana forum I guess.

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