Restoring elasticsearch snapshot into another cluster on cloud

As part of the elasticsearch cloud migration, I have taken snapshot of current on-premise elasticsearch indices into cloud object storage (IBM COS).

I need to restore this snapshot into completely new elasticsearch instance on public cloud.
I could create a new repo pointing to COS snapshot, But cannot restore as snapshot was actually created from another cluster.

Any inputs/pointers on how to restore pls ??


It'd be useful if you exactly shared what you did, what you are trying, and what doesn't work - the requests you are using, and the responses.errors you are receiving.

elasticsearch on premise cluster - cluster1

step1 - create repo pointing to s3-storage (or similar object storage on cloud)
step2 - create snapshot of the index
step3 - restore index from snapshot on the same on premise cluster

Above steps work fine on same cluster.

Now as we have set up new cluster ( let's say - cluster2) on public cloud, need to copy index data from cluster1 to cluster2.

  • Reindex doesn't work due to firewall issues.
  • Can snapshot taken above for cluster1 be used for restoring index on new cluster.

I am using standard _snapshot and _restore endpoints .

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