Restore Snapshot from different cluster


An overview before discussing the problem, I have 2 clusters running, Cluster A and Cluster B.

Cluster A is primarily for testing. It has 2 nodes, Indexer Node, and Search Node. The Indexer node is responsible for generating indices, creating snapshots. Search node is solely responsible for handling search queries.

Cluster B is for production use and for now has just 1 node which is responsible for handling search queries.

For a generated index to reach production node (Cluster B), it has to first generate on Indexer node based, go through some validation checks, and then be pushed to production node.

I am able to automate the initial process i.e. generate index on Indexer node, do the validations, and create snapshot (at /usr/local/elasticsearch/snapshots/) (using official ES client). However I am stuck at figuring out a way to transfer the snapshot to Cluster B wherein the index can be restored.

Is there a way ElasticSearch can restore the snapshot remotely and/or if the official ES client can transfer the snapshots across clusters (at /usr/local/elasticsearch/snapshots/ on Cluster B)?

I understand Re-index api can do something similar remotely but snapshot/restore fits my use case better.

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Only if the remote filesystem is mounted locally.

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