How to restore snapshot to a different cluster

Hello Guys,

I have taken a snapshot of Elasticsearch db in one of the cluster(here Elasticsearch is running as kubernetes pods, 3 pods of Elasticsearch are running) and now I want that snapshot to be restored into a completeely different server(here Elasticsearch is running as standalone/as a service)

My question is, Can I copy the snapshot repo from one server to another and restore it there?

How can I restore it, Can anyone tell me the procedure in this situation?

Is this a snapshot taken through the snapshot API onto some form of shared storage?

I have taken snapshot from kibana PUT query. And we don't have any shared location between the old cluster(where snapshot is present) and new server(where we need to restore the snapshot).

I am not sure I follow. Can you please outline the exact steps you have taken so far?

You can possibly copy the repository directory while no snapshot is running.

How to backup a repository is described here.
Register a snapshot repository | Elasticsearch Guide [7.17] | Elastic.

Thanks @Tomo_M, I have manually copied the content of snapshotrepo to the another cluster and restored it...

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I'm glad to hear it worked out!

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