Create rollup index job in Kibana, my time_field in the date aggregation become a numeric instead of a date field

I am testing out rollup index job in Kibana. I have an index which have a date field and I use that in the rollup index job to create the date histogram. But in the rollup index, the date field that it rolled up to become a numeric (UTC #). When I try to use this rollup index in visualization such as vertical bars/lines etc, I can't choose date histogram for my X-axis as there is no more date field in the index. So, how to make the aggregated field into date or make the rollup index to have a date field?

Rollup indices will allow you to do date histograms only on the field set as time field in the creation of the rollup job. So you should set your field in this step of the wizard:

I did. My field is called time_stamp and is a date. But the one created in the roll up become a utc number field which I cannot use in the histogram

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