Create scripted field count total

I have field called "My Name", there's available same value for example :
[1] Smith
[2] Jason
[3] Pedro
[4] Rossi
[5] James
[6] Smith
[7] Jason
[8] James

In kibana (scripted field), how can i count the same document (not specific using where clause) that the result i want just like :

  • Smith = 2
  • Jason = 2
  • Pedro = 1
  • Rossi = 1
  • James = 2

I know that the operation can use visualisation to count same doc value, but i want to create scripted field so i can get sum total value of "My Name" where having count more than 1.
And the final result is : 6 (hope anyone can understand).

Can somebody help?

You can't do this with scripted fields, but you can do this using Canvas in Kibana, have a look, here's something similar using our ecommerce demo data:

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