Scripted field with count value

(Miguel ángel Chuecos) #1

I need to do a list visualization in Kibana that use a count metric.

It allows me to know if any record has a value that is repeated.

The problem is that I can not use that metric because it is not a field but I want to use it to filter in the table and if the value is> 1 it does not appear.

Is it possible to create a scripted field that allows you to make a count of a field?

(Guillaume Dufrenne) #2

I don't understand exactly what you want to do .

You want to know if X documents have a field with the same value ?

(Miguel ángel Chuecos) #3

Exactly, If there are 10 documents. These documents have a field called FollowId with a string value.
I want to use a count metric but stored in a field to use it in a list/table visualization.

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