Create scripted field using elasticsearch-py library

Hi all,
And thanks in advance for helping me out
I would like to create scripted fields using python scripts
I found on the web that I maybe need to use the elasticsearch-dsl-py library to connect to my cluster and then execute queries but I'm not sure this can do what I want.
I also found on the web that scripted fields are stored in the .kibana index and it can't be reach out from the ES' API.
What I found on the web is quite old so if someone can suggest a documentation or example that can bring some light, it would be great ! I'm currently using ES 7.0.0

You are correct that scripted fields are part of kibana, not elasticsearch. It would help if you could describe what you are trying to accomplish. Without more info, it is difficult to suggest an alternative that would be accessible directly in elasticsearch.

Hi @rjernst and thanks for replying to me

I would like to know how Python could be used to add fields in addition to the records already
feeding into my elasticsearch index. My first guess was by using the elasticsearch-dsl-py library but I'm not sure I can do exactly what I want with it.

Something that allows user to add an extra field in elasticsearch index or (even if it's not this thread anymore but) something that allows user to create scripted field in Kibana using Python again


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