Create specific Field


We are working with Uipath and we would like to show in our visualization Dashboards some information which doesn't suit with any created field.

In our logs we have the following info:

"---KIBANA---Answer timing: "+differencetime.ToString

I want that my variable differencetime will be a number. How may I create a new field which stocks that info?


For log data like this, it is best to apply any processing while you are ingesting the logs, before you visualize. You can do this with Elasticsearch ingest pipelines or Logstash.

If you can't modify the data in your index, then you should create a scripted field in Kibana. This will be significantly slower and less capable than processing the data during ingestion.

Do you know of any Uipath activities which I may use to ingest some variable to logs? Nowdays, I write log message where I can use and visualize on discover menu.

The problem that I have is that I would like to treat read lines numbers ad a number variable to make the average. Nevertheless I have a string on the log message as well.

You need to do the data processing before it gets to Elasticsearch, using one of the options I mentioned before. If you have issues setting that up, you can feel free to use the Elasticsearch forum to ask about your ingestion pipeline.

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