Create Top slow requests graph


I am completely new to ELK and I just using for log analysis. I need to create a graph that give the top 10 slow web sites. I do know about visualization where we define the x and y axis and also about split line. The problem I am facing is my request url looks like

I need to aggregate it by "somehtmlpage" average response time but the query parameters seeming to be interfering.

Is there a way to ignore the query parameters and just parse the html pages at the time of search or do I have to some changes to logstash to filter out the query parameters?

You can do this with a painless scripted field, but there are performance limitations with scripted fields (which you can read about here: so I strongly recommend you update your logstash instead.

However, if you want to go the scripted field route, I got it to work using a regex:

if (doc['url.keyword'].value !== null) {
  Matcher m = /([a-zA-Z0-9_:.\/]*)\?/.matcher(doc['url.keyword'].value);
  if(m.find()) {
return doc['url.keyword'].value;

You'll probably have to enable regex in your elasticsearch.yml as well:

script.painless.regex.enabled: true

But again, go the logstash route if that is an option!

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