Create URL scripted field to view surrounding documents (SOLVED)

I'm trying to create a scripted field which is will be a URL to view the surrounding documents of the log.
I've found that if I give the document id of the log. In the view surrounding logs link it brings the surrounding logs of the log of which the document id was given. I wanted to create a scripted field as a link on which you click and it redirects to the surrounding log link of that log.

I have created a link scripted field before too but mostly I have given static values in the input label for link. I was wondering is there any way I can send the document id of the log as a value to the link.


document id = wcO_PmMBs1Vt6Gv23RVl
In the above url "wcO_PmMBs1Vt6Gv23RVl" is the document Id.

Is there any way i can send the document id of the log (on which the scripted field is created) in the url.

Does something like:

work for you?

Yes this worked. Thank you!

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