What is the ID in documents or surrounding documents links?

a document link:

surrounding documents link:

The last ID IKnFoGUBdgZSH_Gx6ZcK is the document ID (doc['_id'] in a scripted field), document link also has the index name filebeat-6.4.0-2018.09.03 (doc['_index'] in a scripted field).

What is the starting uuid 982353c0-ac85-11e8-a1c9-1f53c4cb4ccc? And how to access it from a scripted field?

Those links are accessible from the Discover tab:

Hi @caub,

the uuid is the id that Kibana assigned the underlying index pattern. It is not part of the document and as such not accessible in a scripted field.

@weltenwort Thanks for the explanations

I've hardcoded it in my scripted field for now, can this ID change?

The id does not change once the index pattern has been created. By default, Kibana assigns a random uuid during creation. The id can also be manually specified via the Advanced Options in the index pattern creation wizard:

So you have to take care that the correct id is specified when creating the index pattern or when restoring from a backup.

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