Create visualization in Kibana

I have a csv file with data structure something like this

I managed to ingest this data to elasticsearch via the import interface in Kibana. and now I have an index "example" with a related index pattern and the documents look something like this


I am trying to visualize this data in a heatmap something like this:

Is that doable in Kibana? where one variable is on y-axis and the other variables are on x-axis and the values are shown as a heatmap. If not, what is another way to visualize this data in Kibana?

I am using the latest version of Elasticsearch and Kibana (7.9.2).

This is possible, but you would have to split up the individual documents for each cell:

{ "v0":  "A", "key": "v1", "value": 1 }
{ "v0":  "A", "key": "v2", "value": 1 }
{ "v0":  "A", "key": "v3", "value": 1 }
{ "v0":  "B", "key": "v1", "value": 2 }


Then you can use a "terms" operation on the v0 field for the y axis and a terms operation on the "key" field for the x axis

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Thanks flash1293 for the proposed solution, I think this is the only way to do it for now, but I was more into a solution that does not push me to change the structure of my data, thanks!

You might be able to achieve a similar visualization without changing your data structure by using vega:

It allows you to specify your Elasticsearch query manually, then takes a vega spec to turn it into a chart. It's very flexible but has a pretty steep learning curve.

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That also a good solution, but I went with your other answer as I found it easier for my case :sweat_smile: thanks very much!

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