Multiple X-axis metrics

I'm learning kibana and I came across the following problem.

Let's say I have an Index with this data:

       serie1  serie2
  x1      40         20 
  x2      30         40
  x3      50         60
  x4      20         10

in kibana index like:

{ "name" : "series2",
{ "name" : "series1",

And I want to create this following visualization:


I tried using vega with this template :, but i failed to replace the values in data with the data in the index.

What is the best way to get the needed visualization?
Thanks in advance.

Am I understanding this correctly in that you want a visualize a single document? Kibana visualizations are usually based on aggregations across many documents.

Sorry for not being clear about the data.
In this case each "serie" is a diferent document under the same index.

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