Creating a custom visualization : new plugin breaks visualization, dashboard and discovery apps


I am trying to create my own react visualization in Kibana. I've set up the dev environment on a debian 9 vm and create my plugin using the kibana plugin generator.
Because I'm pretty new to this I am trying to start slowly by creating a small plugin that doesn't do much. So I copied the js files of the markdown_vis plugin and tweek them a bit.

Here are my different files :
in the kibana/plugin/speedguide_portfinder_vis directory
my index.js :

import { resolve } from 'path';

export default function (kibana) {

  return new kibana.Plugin({

    uiExports: {
      visTypes: [
      interpreter: ['plugins/speedguide_portfinder/speedguide_portfinder_fn'],
      styleSheetPaths: resolve(__dirname, 'public/index.scss'),



in the public directory :
speedguide_portfinder_vis.js :

import { SpeedguidePortfinderVisWrapper } from './speedguide_portfinder_vis_controller';
import { VisFactoryProvider } from 'ui/vis/vis_factory';
import { VisTypesRegistryProvider } from 'ui/registry/vis_types';


function SpeedguidePortfinderVisProvider() {
  const VisFactory = Private(VisFactoryProvider);
  // return the visType object, which kibana will use to display and configure new
  // Vis object of this type.
  return VisFactory.createReactVisualization({
    name: 'speedguide_portfinder',
    title: 'Speedguide_portfinder',
    isAccessible: true,
    icon: 'visText',
    description: 'awesome button to research a port on speedguide',
    visConfig: {
      component: SpeedguidePortfinderWrapper,
      defaults: {
        openLinksInNewTab: true,
    requestHandler: 'none',
    responseHandler: 'none',

export default SpeedguidePortfinderVisProvider;

speedguide_portfinder_fn.js :

import { functionsRegistry } from 'plugins/interpreter/registries';
import { i18n } from '@kbn/i18n';

export const kibanaSpeedguidePortfinder = () => ({
  name: 'speedguidePortfinderVis',
  type: 'render',
  context: {
    types: [],
  help: i18n.translate('', {
    defaultMessage: 'Speedguide_portfinder visualization'
  args: {
    port: {
      type: ['integer'],
      aliases: ['_'],
      required: true,
    openLinksInNewTab: {
      types: ['boolean'],
      default: true,
  fn(context, args) {
    return {
      type: 'render',
      as: 'visualization',
      value: {
        visType: 'speedguide_portfinder',
        visConfig: {
          port: args.port,
          openLinksInNewTab: args.openLinksInNewTab


speedguide_portfinder_vis_controller.js :

import React, { Component } from 'react'

class SpeedguidePortfinderVisComponent extends Component {
  componentDidMount() {
  render() {
    return (
        <p>The visualization</p>


export function SpeedguidePortfinderVisWrapper(props) {
  return (


index.scss :

@import 'src/legacy/ui/public/styles/styling_constants';

I was able to run kibana successfully however when I try to access the visualisation tab (or even the dashboard or discovery tab) the pages seem broken..

Visualize tab :

Dashboard tab :

Discovery tab :

the Discovery tab has also the circular reference to registry error and both the Discovery and Dashboard tab have the Provide is undefined error.

It'd be really helpful if you could re-post your code using triple back-ticks (e.g. ```). Also, you need to look at your browser's dev tool console to see what errors are being logged there.

I have re-posted my code , with the dev toools I found a few errors but I 'm not sure how to fix them as I based my test visualization on the markdown vis and cannot find any imports concerning Private which is supposedely undefined or why I get circular references.

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