Creating a dashboard with different time ranges

i am creating a dashboard with kibana with visualizations with different time range(last month, last year ..) but i discover when adding those visualizations to the same dashboard that all of them become filtered by the global time range .Is there any way to create a dashboard with different time ranges ??

Unfortunately you can't. Time range is a global filter :(.
You can perhaps use markdown to link different dashboards to each other?


Thank you
but can you give me more details about Markdown ?


Here is my markdown visualization for linking different beats dashboards:

- [Overview](#/dashboard/Metricbeat-system-overview)

- [Load/CPU](#/dashboard/Metricbeat-cpu)

- [Memory](#/dashboard/Metricbeat-memory)

- [Processes](#/dashboard/Metricbeat-processes)

- [Network](#/dashboard/Metricbeat-network)

- [Filesystem](#/dashboard/Metricbeat-filesystem)

- [Filesystem per Host](#/dashboard/Metricbeat-filesystem-per-Host)

- [CPU/Memory per container](#/dashboard/CPU-slash-Memory-per-container)

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Does ^ help? Let me know if you have any other questions.


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