Creating a new beat but can't see proper output

Hello i'm new here so if i say something wrong please let me know. I was trying to make a new beat that collects k6 metrics via rest api and then send them into Elasticsearch. I follow the 7.17 Dev Guide " Creating a Beat based on Metricbeat" documentation. I have a output but it does not show me the proper output.

package k6metricset

import (




// import from beat generator



// init registers the MetricSet with the central registry as soon as the program

// starts. The New function will be called later to instantiate an instance of

// the MetricSet for each host defined in the module's configuration. After the

// MetricSet has been created then Fetch will begin to be called periodically.

func init() {

mb.Registry.MustAddMetricSet("k6module", "k6metricset", New)


// MetricSet holds any configuration or state information. It must implement

// the mb.MetricSet interface. And this is best achieved by embedding

// mb.BaseMetricSet because it implements all of the required mb.MetricSet

// interface methods except for Fetch.

type MetricSet struct {


http *helper.HTTP


// New creates a new instance of the MetricSet. New is responsible for unpacking

// any MetricSet specific configuration options if there are any.

func New(base mb.BaseMetricSet) (mb.MetricSet, error) {

cfgwarn.Beta("The k6module k6metricset metricset is beta.")

logp.Info("MyMetricSet: Starting to collect metrics")

config := struct{}{}

if err := base.Module().UnpackConfig(&config); err != nil {

return nil, err


return &MetricSet{

BaseMetricSet: base,

}, nil


// Fetch methods implements the data gathering and data conversion to the right

// format. It publishes the event which is then forwarded to the output. In case

// of an error set the Error field of mb.Event or simply call report.Error().

func (m *MetricSet) Fetch(report mb.ReporterV2) error {


return GetReport(report)


For example when i run the beat i expect an "MyMetricSet: Starting to collect metrics" output but there is no info about this. I have data.go file too. Can someone tell me what is the issue, did i do the configuration wrong or something?

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