Creating a Timelion visualization for only certain URL paths

I'm trying to visualize usage of different parts of a web application, as determined by URL paths. I can run split on the api.access.url field, but I'd like to exclude some of these results. For example, the top 5 hits returned by split are:

I'm really only interested in "check" and "check_bundle" results at the moment (ideally in separate visualizations). Must I know ahead of time what the range of URL paths I wish to graph are and call them each individually (e.g. .es(q='apache2-api.access.url:/check/778'))? Is Timelion not the right tool for the job?


Hey @shawnl welcome!
Have you tried to use a query like q='apache2-api.access.url:\/check*'? This should match any root path starting with /check

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