Creating an index with mappings and analysis doesn't work

ElasticSearch "2.4.4"
Java "1.8.0_151"

Hi folks,

The first example fails with MapperParsingException[Analyzer [bigrams] not found for field [displayName]];.

here is similar closed issues.

But about the case when we are using settings.json in resource and spring data annotations (@Setting(settingPath = "/settings/settings.json") in class level, and @Field(type = FieldType.String, analyzer = "bigrams") for corresponding field) .


@Setting(settingPath = "/settings/settings.json")
public abstract class AbstractSearchEntity implements Entity {
@field(type = FieldType.String, analyzer = "bigrams")
private String displayName;`


regards Hayk Hovhannisyan

Where do you store your settings.json file?

The file is supposed to be located in


The path is ininvestigation-service/src/main/resources/settings/settings.json.

The error I got because used that file under wrong service resource folder.
My abstract class in core-service, but implementations in investigation-service.
The solution is put it in core-service instead of.

Thank your for your question.


Indeed, the problem was the location of the file. Glad you figured it out!

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