Creating animation in title Map

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Hi All ,

I wanted to know if we can create animation in the Tile Map which is existing in kibana how can i create it ?

i want to create a flight kind of animation like this check this link with the first image and 2nd image Thanks in advance for helping i am newbie in kibana

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There's no functionality like this built into Kibana, but you could probably accomplish it by building a custom plugin. Take a look at some of the known plugins for inspiration:

(Darshan V S) #3

Thank you very much for the suggestion ,can we make changes to the source code of kibana for title map if we want to generate the animation in the same title map??not adding any plug in instead is it possible?Thanks for your reply and Thanks in advance

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The tile Map Code basically


Hi, Just wondering - were you able to implement that? Is there a plugin you would share?

Thanks in advance,

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